2021 Youth Award winner: RedUva

The Colombian organisation Red Universitaria Anti-corrupción (RedUva) is the 2021 winner of the prestigious WIN WIN Youth Award.

Jury’s motivation: “Corruption hurts everyone. Not only does it have a negative effect on economic development and the distribution of resources across the globe, but also drives poverty and hinders effective climate action. Therefore, combating corruption is one of the most important measures to create a sustainable society, now and in the future. By making corruption from the governing elite visible and at the same time educating the population in principles and values to create a culture around transparency, the youth-led Colombian organisation RedUva proves that by mobilising youth, students can create structural change while challenging injustice. With innovative methods and inspirational young leadership that engages children and young adults in Colombia and beyond, RedUva is honoured with the WIN WIN Youth Award.”

The prize is handed over at the WIN WIN Award ceremony, 21 October 2021.



These are the other 4 esteemed Youth Award finalists of 2021

From Kyrgyzstan to Fiji. From Moldova to Trinidad & Tobago. We received 220 amazing nominations from 52 countries this year and the jury of the WIN WIN Youth Award has been hard at work to select five shortlisted young anti-corruption heroes who deserve some extra attention.

Thank you to everyone who sent in nominations! It’s been inspiring to learn about all the young and brave anti-corruption heroes that are fighting corruption for the greater good. The common denominator for the five nominees is that they are between 13-29 years old and by effectively fighting corruption they have contributed towards the achievement of one or several of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Valeria Ciolac


Valeria Ciolac (Moldova)

Valeria Ciolac is one of Europe’s most promising anti-corruption activists. At a young age she has proven herself through the coordination of a project on general principles of ethics and anti-corruption aimed at the youth of Moldova, from where she hails.

The WIN WIN Gothenburg Sustainability Youth Award jury nominates Valeria Ciolac for her bravery in promoting accountability in the Moldovan public system and working to expose corruption in the Moldovan government. Valeria has also shown exceptional skill in mobilizing a great amount of youth through strategic methods to achieve judiciary change.


The Youth Café (Kenya)

The Youth Café is an organisation based in Kenya with tentacles in 22 other countries in Africa. Founded in 2012, the Youth Café engages young people between 15 and 35 years of age to accelerate transformative change toward resilient communities.

The WIN WIN Gothenburg Sustainability Youth Award jury nominates the Youth Café for their persistent commitment in bridging the gap between youth and government actors through creative democratic processes. The Youth Café elevates the voices of young people whilst addressing governance issues with relevant solutions.

Youth Cafe
Iryna Shyba


Iryna Shyba (Ukraine)

Iryna Shyba is the Executive Director of the DEJURE Foundation. She is a lawyer and one of the leading anti-corruption activists in Ukraine. Iryna and DEJURE’s “child-friendly justice” is directed to protect the rights of juvenile delinquents in the Ukrainian justice system and aims to ensure that such trials comply with the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

The WIN WIN Gothenburg Sustainability Youth Award jury nominates Iryna Shyba for her outstanding leadership and courage in facing institutional power, while standing on the side of the civic society and informing citizens about the system of justice.


Rene Silva (Brazil)

At the tender age of 11, Rene Silva founded “Voz das Comunidades” – a combined newspaper and NGO focused on social justice within the Brazilian favelas, a system from which he himself hails, and around the city of Rio de Janeiro. While providing poverty alleviation by organized social actions through the NGO, the journal regularly shines a light on local and national corrupt policies.

The WIN WIN Gothenburg Sustainability Youth Award jury nominates Rene Silva for his efforts in combating injustice within financially humble communities through a unique approach and impact.

Rene Silva


The WIN WIN Youth Award is an international award that aims to empower and reward young people who play an active role in the creation of a more sustainable future. We welcome contributions from individuals, organisations and movements from all over the world, with members between the age 13 to 29. The winner of the WIN WIN Youth Award will receive SEK 50.000 at the WIN WIN Award ceremony on 21 October in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Applicants to the WIN WIN Youth Award 2021 have presented a past or ongoing project/work/initiative linked to the theme 2021: ANTI-CORRUPTION. The nominations closed on 30 April 2021.



WIN WIN Youth Network is a national platform which invites you to meet other young change-makers that share the same goal to make this world a better place. Members of the network are people between 13-29 years old, engaged in organisations in Sweden that tackle sustainability issues – either environmental, social, economic, or all of them. The purpose of the network is to improve communication and dialogue between different sustainability organisations in order to find synergy effects and to achieve greater impact through the activities we do.

As the theme for WIN WIN Award 2021 is anti-corruption, the members of the network will get a unique opportunity to meet experts in the field and learn more about how corruption stands in the way for a sustainable future.

To join the network, the organisation should be:
Youth-driven with members mainly between 13-29 years old.
Mobilising on a local or national level.
Part of the fulfilling of the SDGs.
Independent of any political party.
Based on democratic principles, working against any form of discrimination and standing behind values of equality.

The network arranges approximately 4 digital meetings a year. During the WIN WIN Youth Arena in October 2021, our aim is to invite you to a larger, face-to-face meeting in Gothenburg, Sweden.

If this sounds interesting to you and your organisation or if you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Email us at info[at]winwingothenburgaward[dot]com.



WIN WIN Sustainability Adventure addresses the leaders of the future, young change-makers from around the globe who already have initiated their own unique sustainability work to make a positive impact. It is a collaboration between WIN WIN Youth Award and the Forum for Sustainable Visions in Action – ViA, with the common goal of opening new perspectives and opportunities for youths engaged in making sustainability happen around the world.

The Sustainability Adventure is an exclusive skill-building program for the 20 shortlisted candidates of the international WIN WIN Youth Award. The program is specially designed for the participants to enable them to share experiences, discuss new solutions and strengthen their communication skills in order to enhance their initiative’s visibility. Together, they create a global network of active young citizens.


Are you a musician, artist, dancer or playwright? Or are you part of a sustainability organisation? Or are you just very passionate about sustainable development and like to be vocal about it? Then you have the opportunity to take part in WIN WIN Youth Arena 2021.

WIN WIN Youth Arena takes place every year in Gothenburg and in connection with the WIN WIN Gothenburg Sustainability Award. At WIN WIN Youth Arena, you get the chance to immerse yourself in sustainability issues, network with like-minded people and participate in activities and talks. Youth Arena is implemented with, by and for young people. During one day in October attendees can enjoy things like talks, debates, workshops, exhibitions, films and live music.

The overarching aim of this project is to gather young people in the Greater Gothenburg and Västra Götaland Region to take part in a two-day program that in a unique way combines sustainability and culture. The arena is carried out in collaboration with local youth organisations and the ambition is to build Västra Götaland’s main gathering for young change makers. The arena tackles difficult topics through interactive activities and encourages creative ways of expression. In this way, the arena is both a place for knowledge exchange and networking, as well as for music performance, theatre or visual art – with a common aim of stimulating sustainable change. Besides any young people who are interested in the arena, we make sure to invite inspiring people from schools, universities, civil society, politics and business.

This year’s theme – Anti-corruption
Around the world, corruption is one of the biggest obstacles to sustainable development. Corruption increases poverty, undermines democracy and complicates efforts to achieve the UN’s 17 Global Goals. The program points of the arena should therefore be connected to corruption, power, transparency, resource allocation, rights, equality and other related subjects.

Auktionsverket Kulturarena is located on Tredje Långgatan in Gothenburg and houses rooms of different sizes, stages, technology and plenty of space for you to arrange your program point.

Who can apply?
Individuals, associations and organisations between 13-29 year old with an interest in sustainability and sustainable development.

Do you want to join?
Send us an email to info[at]winwingothenburgaward[dot]com. The email should contain your name, telephone number, email address and a description of you or your association/organisation and what you would like to do and how it relates to this year’s theme!




The winners of the WIN WIN Youth Award 2020 is Ariana Yuen with the project Forested Foods from Ethiopia. Forested Foods is an Ethiopian organization that fights to preserve forests and create justice for forest-based communities. Ariana is recognized for her work and receives a prize of SEK 20,000.

The jury’s motivation: “Deforestation and over-exploitation of natural resources are two of the main drivers of biodiversity loss, while it also accelerates the effects of climate change. At the same time, land use is an essential source of income for a lot of people and communities around the globe.

Ethiopian based Forested Foods and its founder Ariana Yuen demonstrate well-grounded action for Biodiversity through an agroforestry model that unifies local economic development with environmental conservation. Taking responsibility all the way from farm to table, Forested Foods partners up with small farmers to explore and develop sustainable forms of agriculture.

For the holistic method, engagement and young leadership that hopefully will inspire many more young future changemakers, Ariana Yuen and Forested Foods are honoured with the WIN WIN Youth Award”

Learn more about Forested Foods


The Jury


Ahmed Al-Qassam | Chairperson

Ahmed Al-Qassam has a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science from Malmö University. He is the founder of the award-winning podcast Miljöpodden and has a long experience of working with strategic sustainability at different national and international levels. As a former youth representative at the United Nations Climate Change Convention’s and former president for youth climate organisation PUSH Sweden, Ahmed believes in the crucial role of the civil society to achieve systemic change on a global level.


Dragana Davidovic | Expert Advisor

Dragana Davidovic is a PhD Candidate at the Department of Political Science, University of Gothenburg, affiliated to the Quality of Government Institute and the Centre for Collective Action Research. She has a double bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Environmental Science with specialization in Environmental Politics, and a master’s degree in International Administration and Global Governance from the University of Gothenburg. Her research focuses on public opinion on climate policy and how institutional quality, corruption, and trust impact climate policy support.


Mia Edofsson

Mia Edofsson has long and extensive experience in the field of sustainability, from several industries. She has worked as head of sustainability at Akademiska Hus since 2012 and is responsible for the development and execution of long-term sustainable strategies. Mia is a board member of the UN Global Compact Network Sweden and is deeply committed to contributing to the United Nations Global Goals and Agenda 2030


Ludwig Bengtsson Sonesson

Ludwig Bengtsson Sonesson is the Youth Representative to the Swedish delegation to the UN Climate Change Convention (2019-2021). He’s a passionate storyteller, working in the Climaginaries project at Lund University with climate futuring—most notably as the curator of the fiction museum Carbon Ruins. He has a Bachelor in Political Science and is pursuing a Master’s in Sustainability Science.


Ingmar Rentzhog

Ingmar is serial entrepreneur with background from the financial industry. Today he is CEO and founder of WeDontHavetime.org – the world’s largest social network for climate action. Official “eco-warrior” according to The Sun and “Mark ZuckerVert” according to FranceTV2,  He’s a member of Al Gore’s Climate Reality and European Climate Policy Task Force.


Alexina Thorén Williams

Alexina T. Williams is a PhD Candidate specialising in Educational Sciences at the Department of Chemistry and Molecular Biology, University of Gothenburg. Her research focuses on how out-of-school science environments, such as science centers, can become science teachers’ learning and integration of theory in practice. Alexina is also an educator at Universeum Science Center in Gothenburg.


Viveca Reimers

Viveca Reimers has a master of science degree from Chalmers University of Technology and a long experience of working with social, economic and ecologic sustainability, from different sectors and fields. At Region Västra Götaland she works as head of department of social sustainability. Viveca thinks Win Win Youth Award is important because real participation is crucial in the work for a sustainable future, not least the participation of children and young people.


Eva Eiderström

Eva Eiderström has since 1989 been the Director of the Department for Ecolabelling and Green Consumption with The Swedish Society for Nature Conservation. Besides working with the ecolabel Bra Miljöval, the department is also engaged in mobilising consumer power globally through campaigning, and the establishment of steering mechanisms and policy frameworks supporting sustainable consumption patterns nationally and regionally.