An opportunity for upper secondary students

With the WIN WIN Gothenburg Sustainability Youth Award, we want to create an opportunity for upper secondary students to use their creativity, curiosity and knowledge for a sustainable future.

The prize was awarded for the first time in 2018. It initially targets upper secondary students in Gothenburg. The project is being carried out in collaboration with Chalmers University of Technology, the Universeum Science Centre and our other partners.

Students are to develop a project idea that clearly illustrates how the WIN WIN Award theme can be applied to their environment, for example at school or in their respective residential areas. The prize consists of 10 000 SEK and will be awarded at the WIN WIN Award ceremony.



Lindholmens Tekniska gymnasium

Winner of the WIN WIN Youth Award 2019 are Mina Shabbaki, Görkem Ölmez and Nina Lam from Lindholmens Tekniska Gymnasium with the project ’Algea – food for a sustainable tomorrow’.

The jury’s decision: “Based on the three dimensions of sustainability, the jury has selected a winning contribution that aims to create a local solution to the global food production challenge in an innovative and concrete way. The winners have identified a number of important sustainability issues, from reduced meat consumption and transport to social and economic sustainability in rural areas. The proposed solution is a realistic example of how local initiatives can benefit the greater society and ultimately the entire world.”


The Jury

The jury for our youth award consists of five members with different experience and skills.


Mia Edofsson

Mia Edofsson has long and extensive experience in the field of sustainability, from several industries. She has worked as head of sustainability at Akademiska Hus since 2012 and is responsible for the development and execution of long-term sustainable strategies. Mia is a board member of the UN Global Compact Network Sweden and is deeply committed to contributing to the United Nations Global Goals and Agenda 2030


Maria Hernroth

Maria specialises in CSR, especially in topics concerning diversity, equality, immigration and education. Maria worked as a teacher for many years before joining Peab to become the CEO of Peabskolan. Even though she has now left the classroom environment, she remains engaged in issues concerning equality and every young person’s right to an education and to pursue the career of their dreams.


Kerstin Wernberg Appelström

The Universeum science centre is a public arena for lifelong learning, where children and adults can explore the world through science and technology. As a former teacher and headmaster, Kerstin embraces Universeum’s mission to create experiences that boost creativity and innovation, increase knowledge and activate critical thinking. She has worked at Universum for 10 years and is responsible for all of the activities that the centre arranges for its daily guests.


Erik Sterner

Erik Sterner combines his strong interests in climate change and pedagogics through research, teaching and by identifying innovative ways to engage people in climate change knowledge. He believes in science communication and education that take the perspective of the learners. He cares for people’s motivation to learn and encourages them to engage in dialogue around sustainability challenges.


Viveca Reimers

Viveca Reimers has a master of science degree from Chalmers University of Technology and a long experience of working with social, economic and ecologic sustainability, from different sectors and fields. At Region Västra Götaland she works as head of department of social sustainability.Viveca thinks Win Win Youth Award is important because real participation is crucial in the work for a sustainable future, not least the participation of children and young people.


Pernilla Johnsson

Pernilla is responsible for partnerships regarding sustainability and entrepreneurship at SEB. Her main area of expertise is social sustainability and she is passionate about creating inclusive arenas where everyone gets equally good opportunities.Mentor, Mitt Liv and El Sistema are some of SEB’s important partners for this work.