On the theme Anti-Corruption

Jóhannes Stefánsson is the whistleblower who exposed the ‘Fishrot Files’, an extensive corruption scandal with connections to Iceland and Namibia. In 2016 he stepped back from a leading management position within Icelandic fishing company Samherjis in Namibia, in protest against the company’s improper procurement of fishing quotas in exchange for financial services. Jóhannes Stefánsson has since been living under constant threats and even attempts on his life. His bravery highlights the importance of individual acts of integrity, not least within the sectors of industry and commerce. Jóhannes Stefánsson has demonstrated great courage and selflessness in his fight against misuse of power and corruption.

It was our honour to present the 2021 WIN WIN Gothenburg Sustainability Award to Jóhannes Stefánsson.