2005 – The Maraba Cooperative Abahuzamugambi

The coffee cooperative Abahuzamugambi in Rwanda, which in the local language Kinyarwanda means "We who work together," was awarded the prize in 2005. The cooperative was founded in 1999 in the village of Maraba in one of the poorest and most deprived areas in Rwanda and had 2,000 members at the time, of which more than half were women. They produced coffee without chemical fertilizers and pesticides and exported to abroad.

Jury's motivation

The Maraba Cooperative Abahuzamugambi in Rwanda has been awarded the City of Göteborg International Environment Prize for its pioneering work to produce coffee with methods that are sustainable from a social, financial, and environmental standpoint. (...) They have contributed to a fantastic development in a hard-hit country.

Altogether, Abahuzamugambi represents exactly what the City of Göteborg International Environment Prize wants to promote, namely sustainable development. That comprises not just the actual environment but also, in equal measures, financial and social aspects,” said Lars Hallén, one of seven jury members at the time.