2004 – Tessa Tenant

The Jury's motivation

The City of Göteborg International Environment Prize for 2004, SEK 1 million, has been jointly awarded to Joan Bavaria, USA, and Tessa Tennant, UK, for their pioneering efforts in the strategic future forum “sustainable investment,” the purpose of which is to promote socially, environmentally and economically responsible investing. Both dynamic women– by building public opinion and their own investment companies and funds with this focus – have contributed to an increasing number of businesses adopting more sustainable development. Therefore, they can also inspire us in Göteborg and West Sweden to steer development towards long-term, sustainable investments in the broadest sense of the word.

Tessa Tennant participated in 1988 in founding the UK’s first sustainable investment fund. Ten years
later, she formed Asia’s first fund for sustainable investing. By building public opinion and presenting
good examples, she has convincingly proven the significance of socially responsible investment funds,
above all in the UK and Asia. Tessa Tennant is awarded the prize for her conviction that investments
also should contribute to society’s social and environmental development.