Gothenburg Award at Nordic Architecture Fair, Nov 8

Sustainable design, architecture and urban development

The Gothenburg Award For Sustainable Development arranged an opportunity to talk about sustainable design, architecture and social urban development.

The Gothenburg Award For Sustainable Development is awarded each year to a person or organisation for outstanding performance and achievements towards a sustainable future. The prize is 1 million Swedish krona (SEK) and shows what is possible and necessary for a brighter future.

This year’s award winner is the architect Alejandro Aravena, based in Santiago, Chile. Aravena is noted for his work in socioeconomically disadvantaged areas. He is part of the operational think tank Elemental that work to develop strategies and produce good-value housing for economically disadvantaged groups. They operate similarly to a traditional think tank, but they also implement ideas and visions and work to combat segregation, for instance through socially and environmentally sustainable production of economical new housing. Aravena receives the award on November 22nd at Draken, Gothenburg. Prior to the award ceremony we hosted a panel discussion inspired by Elemental’s working methods in Sweden when planning urban development and housing construction.

Take a look at this video to see a bit of what the panel had to say.

The moderator is Malin Aghed and the participants were:

  • Nina Due, Museum Director,  The Rhösska Museum
  • Irene Stewart Claesson, LOTS Design
  • Henrik Markhede, Chalmers, The department of city planning
  • Johanna Stål, Camino, Member of the Jury for The Gothenburg Award For Sustainable Development