For outstanding contributions
towards a more sustainable future.

The world’s leading sustainability award aims to recognize and support outstanding contributions from around the world.
Our goal is to stimulate creativity and achieve lasting synergies as we strive to strike the right balance between ecological, environmental and social needs.
The prize has been presented in Gothenburg since 2000.

Who can win?

The award may be given to a person or organization that has contributed to:
• Conserving resources and/or furthering renewable raw materials or ecological solutions.
• The solution to a problem (area) that can lead to a technological breakthrough or “system change”.
• Creating and/or driving a process concerning the environment which has been important for the Gothenburg region as well as in a larger perspective.
• Development towards greater global justice.



WIN WIN Gothenburg Sustainability Award is a non-profit association financed by City of Gothenburg, Region Västra Götaland and eleven other member organizations and companies. You can learn more about our members under Partners.  The winners of the award is appointed by an independent jury.


The Board

The board is made up of representatives from our members. Three representatives from the City of Gothenburg, one representative from the Region Västra Götaland and two representatives from out other partner companies and organizations.

The present board consists of:
Chairperson: Axel Josefson (M), chairperson of the municipal exectuvie board of the City of Gothenburg
Vice chairperson: Kerstin Lindeberg Göransson, Akademiska Hus
Other board members: Emmyly Bönfors (C), municipal commissioner in the City of Gothenburg, Karin Pleijel (MP), municipal commissioner in the City of Gothenburg, Magnus Berntsson (KD), chairperson of the environmental committee, the Region Västra Götaland, Erik Kyrkander (V), 2.nd vice chairperson of the environmental committee, the Region Västra Götaland & Eva Halvarsson, CEO the Second AP Fund


The Office

Our office is located at the Gothenburg Centre for Sustainable Development (GMV), Aschebergsgatan 44 in Gothenburg. GMV is a co-operation platform for sustainable development and environmental research mandated by both Chalmers University of Technology and University of Gothenburg.

The present administration consists of:
Nathalie Bödker-Lund,
Head of Operations
Lovisa Ralpher, Project Manager
Rebecka Jorquera, Project Manager
Lisa Kolarby, Project Assistent
Staffan Alfredsson, Finances & Communication
Frida Olsson, Communication



The Jury

The jury is six persons representing a wide range of experience from the business community as well as the academy and public sector and with a great knowledge within the environmetal- and sustainability areas.

The present jury consists of:
Chairperson: Emma Dalväg, Coest AB
Other jury members: Björn Siesjö, Johanna Stål, Ola Sarneke, Sverker C Jagers and Anna Lidström.