THEME 2019

Sustainable Food

The food we eat is not only essential to our survival. It is also fundamental to both our culture and economy. However, alongside transportation and energy production, the impact of food production on our global environment is among the largest. Emissions of greenhouse gases and harmful substances to the ecosystem, the load on land and water resources, the limitation of biodiversity and poor working conditions are a few examples of how the vital supply of food affects the environment we live in. Food habits in large parts of the developed world also cause direct health problems for the population through over-consumption of sugar and fat, for example.

As in many other areas, a realignment in the production and consumption of food is essential if we are to reverse this spiral that is negative for both the environment and our health. We must further develop new approaches to food and how we consume, produce and trade in foodstuffs to supply mankind with its most fundamental needs.

WIN WIN 2019

Nomination 2019

The nomination was closed at 2019.01.18 and from now on the jury is working to sort out and find a winner among the nominees. The winner will be presented in June. Until then we will arrange and participate in different activities connected to the theme. You ill find the activities in the link below.



Previous Winners

During the last 20 years several persons and organizations around the world
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