Award winner 2018 – Kalundborg Symbiosis

In today’s modern life a large amount of industrially produced products are taken for granted. At the same time, resources on our planet are limited. If we want to maintain a high material standard of living, the industrial processes need to be more resource efficient. One innovative way to do that is through industrial symbiosis.

Industrial symbiosis means collaboration between different actors, where the waste or energy from one actor becomes a resource for another. In that way resources are recycled and energy saved together with, of course, financial savings.

As a pioneer within the field, Kalundborg Symbiosis have shown the way for many other industrial clusters, inspiring businesses all around the world.

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Theme for 2018 – Collaboration in Connection to production

We are proud to finally present the theme of 2018 to you; Collaboration in Connection to production. The jury explains the theme as follows:

“When talking about collaboration in connection to production it is often referred to as symbiosis. Symbiosis occurs in nature when two or more biological organisms exchange material, energy or information in a way that is mutually beneficial. Just as in nature, there are many good examples today of collaborations which have resulted in sustainable solutions that could not have been achieved individually by the parties involved. While collaboration often requires courage, innovation and inventiveness, it often helps to bring about environmental improvements, new jobs and business gains.”




”For outstanding contributions towards a more sustainable future.”

WIN WIN Gothenburg Sustainability Award is given each year to people or organizations for outstanding performance and achievements towards a sustainable future. The price is 1 million swedish crowns (SEK) and shows what is possible and necessary for a brighter future.


The prize, which is one million Swedish crowns, is administrated and funded by a coalition of the City of Göteborg, Västra Götalandsregionen and eleven companies.

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